Friday, January 28, 2011

My New Skirt

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this skirt! True, I just love it! The company I'm working in have this Annual Manager's Convention which is usually scheduled any day by first week of February, this year it's on February 4. 

One cloudy Friday afternoon we decided to go shopping at SM Megamall. We were searching for a business formal attire, I already have my brown blazer I bought more than a year ago. I want to have that with a black blouse, well, that part is easy to find. Now, I like to wear a skirt this time, just for a change since I usually wear slacks. 

Our first stop... Forever 21. My shopping partners suggested that I try a printed brown one something different from the ordinary boring plain brown. A few minutes after they suggested it I saw IT! It was hanging so high (can't reach it by myself) in a rack at the left side of the store. I headed to the fitting room and it fits me well (okay, I got the large size so it really fits me well, no objection). On my way home the rain was pouring really hard but It was a great shopping day anyway.

Ready for 2011 Manager's Convention.

The Ultimate Blueberry Cheesecake

A slice of the best Blueberry Cheesecake I've ever had!

Mmmm...... Isn't that piece of cake so lovely? Mouthwatering? Hmmmm.... It smells soooo good too! But you got to hang in there and read the whole story (haha! got you there!) I love to have my slice of cheesecake with my favorite iced latte or an espresso for a little kick. This afternoon is the best ever cheesecake moment of my life! No kidding, I still remember exactly how it tastes. That mild fruity blueberry topping... creamy, rich cheesecake with that buttery graham crust... just so perfect, can't imagine any cheesecake that taste like it. Now, are you ready for the surprise? Well, I'm gonna say it anyway... I didn't buy it in any Café or special bakeshop. What makes this cake so good is it's a homemade masterpiece of our friend Joana. Yup! It's homemade and it's her first time to try it out, Wow! Here's another secret... I used to bake before but I've never baked anything as good as this one. 

I can't share my slice of  blueberry cheesecake with all of you out there so I'll just show you our friend as she shows you her masterpiece....

That's her; enjoying her share of cheesecake
Do you want to give in to this great cheesecake experience?! Our friend right there wanted to explore other baked goodies in her kitchen... I'm waiting for her strawberry cheesecake (Hi, Joana). So keep on following my blog for more details on Joana's Cheesecake (for the price? she's not yet officially selling her baked goodies but she wants to try, that we have to wait and see).

More pictures....
Here's how it looked when it came out of the box

Now, we're slicing it...


Now, that's Joana over there so proud of her Blueberry Cheesecake

Monday, January 24, 2011

My First Wedding Project

One of my officemates, Resme Amistad, we fondly call her Res, says that she has lots of college friends who are planning to get married this year.  Her charm, attention to details and keen eye for quality made her friends and acquaintances ask for her assistance when it comes to parties and events. I sweetly kid her nowadays as my new “Boss” because she just asked me to help out with the preparation of one of her girl friends’ wedding.    

Will exchange wedding vows in June (friend Mich is another addition to the June brides out there).
Five months to go before the big day and I’m also excited… (Okay, I know, I know, I’m not a family of the bride and I’m definitely NOT getting married again!) Why am I so thrilled about this upcoming wedding? It’s because of the assignment my “Boss” (Hi, Res!     ) gave me. This is what’s keeping me busy lately and I am really going to do my very best to make this look really nice. My first ever wedding planner assignment… actually she gave me two tasks for this event. Here’s the first one:

Wedding Candles

This picture was sent to me by my gorgeous boss to serve as my guide in doing my assignment

(L-R) match, offertory candle, lighting taper, sponsor candle, unity candle, sponsor candle, lighting taper, offertory candle and match
I have to prepare the similar set of candles above. The big one at the center is the Unity Candle, the one that will be lightened by the bride and groom. For lightening up the unity candle they will use the tapers, the two thinnest candles, candle sponsors will lighten the two thick candles next to the unity candle using the prepared matches  and the two candles in small bottles are the offertory candles.
These past few days I’ve been searching for designs on the net. I like the ones I found on

Meck and Mich chose gold and purple motif (hmm… very nice). According to Res the soon-to-be bride and groom wanted their candles to look beautiful when arranged in the church but should also match their simple taste.
I think I have ample time to prepare. ‘Have to check out my beads collection, look for all of the purple and gold colored stuff in there. I have to make trips to bead shops (got most of mine from Divisoria near Tutuban Mall, some from Farmers Cubao) I have to try the one they say in Quiapo near the Church. There’s a store in Marikina Market named Snow White that sells tools, ribbons and laces. Aww, I have a lot to check out!  
As for my second assignment, I’ll have to be an usherette on the wedding and help out on checking out the wedding details (like my college days, huh?)
I have to say ciao for now… I promise to update you guys on my first wedding candle project.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I love Dunkin' Donuts Glass

I bought a dozen Dunkin Donuts for P135 and added P20 for the "I love Dunkin' Donuts" glass.

Love donuts? Get some at Dunkin' Donuts and get a cute glass for a very affordable price.

Minute Maid White Grape with Aloe Vera Pulp

I arrived for work earlier than scheduled, so I went out for a while and head to a nearby 7-11 Convenience Store. While checking out bottled beverages I bumped into this little buddy…

Did I read it right? Okay, it is Minute Maid… but why is it green? Here let me check again, it is white grape with aloe Vera pulp. That sounds new and interesting too, aloe Vera pulp in a drink? I have to try this. I browsed the chiller shelf and there’s only one bottle left. Gee! I’ll buy this…

I went back to the office and placed it in the chiller; I like it to be super cold by the time I gulp it. When I opened the bottle, I sipped it slowly and well… What’s my Minute Maid White Grape with Aloe Vera Pulp experience?

Here it goes… it made me hmmm…. It tasted like a bunch of squeezed white grape, the sweetness is just right, like it only came from white grape and the Aloe Vera pulp? At first I felt hesitant of buying it because of the Aloe Vera Pulp but you know, it gave uniqueness and character to the drink. It gave small soft bursting sensation in the mouth, it kept me drinking until I finished the whole bottle!

Wow, that was a great refreshing morning!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Halo-halo at Razon's of Guagua

It’s Friday and it’s supposed to be my favorite day, but well,’ just not lucky today, I guess. This current experiment is driving me crazy; it’s been dragging me in the kitchen for days. The heat and smoke is really making me feel so drained out. I left the office feeling down and not in the mood to go somewhere. Later on, I was about to take the next train when I craved for something really cold, not too sweet, uhmm… yes something creamy will make me smile a bit. I made my way to Gateway Mall (Araneta Center) Cubao in Quezon City, 3rd level – Food Express (I was here last week). I remember one of my former officemates introduced this simple and delicious treat to me. It’s Halo-halo at Razon’s of Guagua (okay, there are lots of Halo-halo but with different versions).

Halo-halo (from Tagalog word halò, "mix") is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served in a tall glass or bowl.Ingredients include boiled kidney beans, garbanzos, sugar palm fruit (kaong), coconut sport (macapuno), and plantains caramelized in sugar, jackfruit (langkâ), gulaman, tapioca or sago, nata de coco, sweet potato (kamote), pounded crushed young rice (pinipig). In terms of arrangement, most of the ingredients (fruits, beans, and other sweets) are first placed inside the tall glass, followed by the shaved ice. This is then sprinkled with sugar, and topped with either (or a combination of) leche flan, ube halaya, or ice cream. Evaporated milk is poured into the mixture upon serving.

What makes Razon’s Halo-halo really good is it is served with finely crushed ice, you can’t enjoy Halo-halo when you have to deal with chips of ice. It has simple ingredients: sun-ripened saging na saba, macapuno and leche flan with dayap rind all mixed in a sweet creamy goodness. 

I ejoyed my glass of Halo-halo…. So yummy and a great cure to a stressful day. Goodbye for now to hot, busy kitchens and loads of work. I must say, this made me smile…

Friday, January 14, 2011

Whole Wheat Pancake

As a mom, I make sure that I provide my family, specially my kids the right kinds of food that will help them grow healthy. I find the task of going to the market and grocery rewarding because I get the chance to choose what’s right for my family. A plus is the enjoyment of checking out the shelves for something new. Yesterday afternoon, I toured the grocery to shop for goodies to prepare for my kids’ “baon” (packed food) for school. Look what I found….
Our family loves pancakes! Well, who doesn’t? It is nutritious, yummy and so quick and easy to prepare. Now, it’s made even more nutritious with MAYA’s Think Heart Whole Wheat Pancake Mix. I’ve been buying MAYA Pancake Mix for so many years and I’m so glad that I found this new addition to MAYA’s line of Pancake Mixes. I believe in the benefits of whole wheat, so I buy different baked goodies with whole wheat.
Here are some of the benefits of whole wheat:
  • Women Who Eat Whole Grains Weigh LessReduce Risk of Metabolic Syndrome
  • Substantially Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk
  • Whole Wheat's Betaine Lessens Chronic Inflammation
  • Whole Grains Help Prevent Gallstones
  • Gets You Going
  • Women's Health and Gastrointestinal Health
  • Fiber from Whole Grains and Fruit Protective against Breast Cancer
  • Highly Protective against Childhood Asthma
  • Prevent Heart Failure with a Whole Grains Breakfast

MAYA’s Think Heart Whole Wheat Pancake Mix is also fun to prepare and can promote family bonding. It could also help enhance your child’s creativity by fixing up their own food using MAYA Pancake Mix. I prepared ours with my kids favorite candy coated chocolate and chocolate pretzels...

And some freshly cut fruits...     

Or you could serve them in separate plates and have fun!

My kids love them! So to all mommies out there let your kids try whole wheat pancakes for a healthy and fun meal.

For more information about whole wheat check out:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Supreme Chalupa and Strawberry Margarita Slush at Taco Bell

It’s Friday; the last working day of the week… Yes! Hello, Weekend! When the clock struck 5:00 one sunny January 7, 2010 afternoon I hurried out of the office, to take the train. Along the way, I just thought of well, why not treat myself to a snack? I was at Gateway Mall (Araneta Center) Cubao in Quezon City, I went to the Mall’s 3rd level – Food Express and looked around to choose where to have my snack. Hmm…I think I’ll spent a few minutes at Taco Bell and have a Supreme Chalupa and try their new Strawberry Margarita Slush (and still available, Lime Margarita Slush). Just a few minutes after paying for my order, my snack is ready (Wow that was quick!) I easily found myself a seat, surprisingly the place wasn’t too crowded… maybe a lot of guys out there were still in “vacation mode”. Here’s my meal:

Okay, that’s one Supreme Chalupa and Strawberry Margarita Slush for Cristine (misspelled Kristine hehehe). I unwrapped and enjoyed my chalupa…

lots of veggies and cheese...yum =)

Here's a closer shot

By the way, what is a chalupa?  Chalupa is a tostada platter in Mexican cuisine. It is a specialty of south-central Mexico, such as the states of Puebla, Guerrero and Oaxaca. Chalupas are made by pressing a thin layer of masa dough around the outside of a small mold, and deep frying to produce crisp, shallow corn cups. These are filled with various ingredients such as shredded chicken, pork, chopped onion, chipotle pepper, red salsa, and green salsa – Taco Bell’s version, they describe it as a crispy, chewy chalupa shell filled with seasoned ground beef, reduced fat sour cream, crisp shredded lettuce, a blend of three real cheeses – cheddar, pepper jack, and mozzarella – and diced ripe tomatoes –

I ordered the Strawberry Margarita Slush because of three reasons: 1. Strawberry’s my favorite, 2. it’s new, so I have to try it and 3. I need a cool refreshing drink.

Here’s what I can say about my meal… the chalupa tasted good just like the first time I had it 2 months ago. It was like an adventure, provided it has layers and layers of flavor, from the chalupa, and mix of ground beef and cheeses and the veggies are still fresh and crisp. The margarita slush wasn’t the star of my tray but the chilling sensation gave a refreshing finish to the meal, maybe it’ll be better if they tone down the sweetness.
Over-all this a not so bad day ender… An idea popped out of my mind, I have to make Friday, my “Me day” (time for myself to try something new). Hmmm what’ll I be munching up next Friday? Let’s see! Until next time =)  

Friday, January 7, 2011

My 2011 Resolution

I can't remember when exactly was the last time I wrote a New Year's Resolution. Last night, I reminisced about my birthday on December 31, 2010 and realized how fast time really flies... I'm now 29 years old. On my next birthday I'll be turning 30! So, I decided that I'll make my 2011 Resolution; list them down and let's see by the end of the year which of them was fulfilled.

1. Put God first and last.
With a busy schedule; joggling family life, career, spending time with friends and finding time for myself, I forget the most important thing that I should do when I wake up in the morning and before going to bed after a tiring day and that is to thank Him for each and everyday of my life.
2. Spend more quality time with my family.
Like other moms out there, how many times do we scold our kids for not finishing their food? not turning off the TV when they're finished watching? for not keeping their toys when they're done playing? for scolding our husbands for not helping out on household chores? I have to raise my hand here (ehem!). Relax a bit, breath, kids won't be kids forever! Hubby's tired from work too, so well, I also have to give myself a break on the scolding part.
3. Enjoy life and learn new things.
Watch a movie... go to places where I've never been... cook or eat out to try out a new dish... buy a new book... try different dresses / clothes... take a lot of pictures and Smile!
4. Lose weight (try... OK I'm gonna try...)
 This will need a lot of discipline but who says we have to starve ourselves to lose weight? My goal (our goal chubby cute mommies out their) of losing weight should be a motivation to eat healthier. Eat in moderation (ehem again!)
5. Save... Spend less.
I'm going to quit buying all those unnecessary stuff.... you know, things that end up in boxes 'cause you don't know where to put them (u-huh?). Things that I won't use but I bought them 'cause they're on sale...figurines, clothes (out of style, won't fit...)
6. Get organized.
I can do this at home (with the help of my husband and kids... we can do this, come on!). In the office, I'll work on that this year.
7. Plan ahead. Make a list (and check it twice la-la-la-la)
Okay, last Holiday season I didn't plan ahead on what gifts to give, we rushed to Divisoria (imagine Divisoria on almost mid December???) without an exact list on what to buy, now, that is not too smart. I will make a list before shopping or doing the grocery.
8. Engage to a hobby.
When it comes to hobbies my interest shifts from one to another. This time I'll choose a hobby and stick to it.
9. Be Beautiful.
I admit that every morning I hurry to work without paying much attention to how I look in the mirror. So now It'll be a prettier 2011.
10. Time is so precious to waste.
Wake up early... leave early for work... fall in love everyday.

I Hope you enjoyed reading. Now, what's YOUR New Year's Resolution? 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Funny Doughnut Story

When someone says doughnut, what crosses our mind is that sweet and usually ring-shape cake that we see almost anywhere. Well, after my husband and his officemates have a Christmas Outing joined in by families and friends last December 26, 2010 at La Colina Garden Resort in Antipolo City... I now remember something else when I hear someone says doughnut.

My kids and I were swimming when daughters of Ate Aying (one of my husband's officemates) joined us in the pool. My elder son Ian be friend them at once (between my two sons he's the friendly one) and hmmm... found himself an instant swimming instructor. When his Ate Patpat (one of the two girls of Ate Aying); that's what Ian fondly called her after learning that her name is Patricia, went to the other side of the pool Ian called to her, "Ate Patpat, yung do-nut" "Akina yung do-nut. All of us who heard him have puzzled look on our faces... When Patricia approached her to ask him what he said, Ian grabbed his life saver (we refer to it mostly as salbabida) that Patricia was wearing and said "Ayan do-nut".  We laughed at my son's own Doughnut.

Picture: (L-R) Ian, Allen and Mommy

La Colina Garden Resort