Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Spend your Vacation

Starting all over again. That's how I am exactly feeling right now after not composing a blog post for quite sometime. But, hey! It's the last day of the work week and I am sure most of us are planning for a vacation. My mind is set to vacation mode as well, so tada! Here's a new blog post:

How to Spend your Vacation

For working parents, time off from work is precious. A chance away from the office and setting aside tons of workload means having a taste of what really matters in life. The moment I step out of the work place, coming home to my family is my top of mind. And what is sweeter than hearing the kids chanting Mommy, Daddy? Seeing them smile? Well, God is really a generous God because He gives hardworking and loving parents a chance to savor those moments more. Tomorrow is a start of a long weekend and I am super excited and grateful.

This Holy Week, just like the previous ones we shared as a family, we hear mass at Saint Joseph's Shrine at Aurora Boulevard, Project 3, Quezon City.
This is also where we hear mas every Sunday and where we send mass offerings on important events in the family. Both my sons were baptized here too. Beyond the silent walls of this church are religious milestones I have witnessed in my children. By patience, love and optimism, my kids learned to sit down and hear mass. At their tender age, they appreciate the teachings of the church.

My late Lola thought me to pray the rosary and I thank her for that. My children are too young to learn this but hearing them say their prayer before meals and going to bed is wonderful. Prayers serve as fuel to keep our communication with God going strong. The act of praying calms us and gives us hope in our daily lives.

Come on... Who doesn't want to go for a trip to the beautiful, tempting and relaxing vacation spots in the Philippines? I'm sure some families are on their way. Wherever your travel destination will be don't forget to bring a first aid kit. Believe me you'll need this. Especially when you'll be traveling with kids. During one of my travels, I caught a terrible headache. I was lucky to buy medicines at a grocery store along the way but having a few basic medicines in the bag could have caused less trouble. 'Lesson learned.

And this...

is Heaven here on Earth! Having a family to spend vacation with. Even if often times affording an expensive tour is impossible... Simple moments fills the heart with so much joy.

Have a blessed week everyone!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Kid's Kitchen Camp: Cooking & Baking Class

Kid's Kitchen Camp: Cooking & Baking Class

Kids Kitchen Camp

Pet Express Doggie Run 2013

 Pet Express Doggie Run 2013

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Thu, 21 Mar 2013

You are invited to Pet Express Doggie Run 2013!

To our dog-loving Nuffnangers,

You are invited to Pet Express' Doggie Run 2013 happening this Saturday, 5:30 AM, at the SM Mall of Asia.

If you want to come and run with your dog, just send us an email at on or before March 22 (Friday, 10 AM) with the following details:

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Hope to see you there!

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