Friday, March 18, 2011

Allen's Home

After the first letter I've written on March 15, 2011 which was Ian's 6th birthday and a day before Ian and Allen's moving up Day, I've decided to have a portion in my blog entitled "Ian and Allen" which will be a series of letters and stories for my kids. My second post for "Ian and Allen" is for my "bunso." Allen has always been crying since we transferred from my parents' house to the place we're renting right now in Marikina last October 2010. He sometimes bangs his head, kneels down and falls on the floor on purpose when he doesn't get what he wants. He cries before he sleeps for as long as I can't remember and wrestles his way when we don't allow him to play "dishwasher of the hour" (this is what we call Him when he started to get fond of wasting as much water as he wants in the kitchen sink). Sometimes I feel like my blood pressure is so high, sometimes I try to smile to show that I'm under control and he can't test my patience (if that was what he was trying to do) and sometimes I wanted to cry as well. There were late nights when he had finally fallen asleep that I wonder what was wrong with him or is there something wrong with me? Did I fail to realize what message was he trying to make me understand?
Last night we (Ian, Allen and I) went to my parents' house because we decided that the kids will be spending part of their vacation with them. I carried 4 bags, with a little help from Ian (2 backpacks each with their clothes, a bag of Thomas the Train and his friends and a small bag where I put my wallet, phone and camera.) My nanay expecting for our arrival opened the gate minutes after we talked on the phone. When we went out of the cab, Allen flashed the brightest smile he got and ran as fast as he could through the open gate. Ian and I walked behind him and watched him running with quick small steps. He was so happy and it seemed that it was a relief for him to be there. It was like he felt he was coming "home."  He played wit his toys, wrote on the blackboard, nibbled at every food he wanted in the kitchen. Later, he held my hand and said "Mommy, sleep na Mommy and Allen" after he prayed he kissed me on the cheek and he was fast asleep. I kissed him on his forehead and watched his face as he sleep. He looked so happy and content it was a far cry from the "bunso" we know who cries his way to sleep. 
Mommy's Letter for Allen
When I look at your face while you sleep I wonder what are you dreaming of? That moment I like to say sorry for not understanding everything a mother is supposed to know about her child. I like to hug you and tell you not to cry; that Mommy is here…Mommy will always be here. In times when you hurt yourself I feel pain for the hurt you give to yourself, pain for the puzzled look strangers are aiming at you,  pain for myself for seeing my child unhappy and confused. I hear others say to give you time and in return I tell myself that we both need time to learn and grow. I'm sorry for not appreciating every tiny step you make and for expecting too much. Every time you cry I ask what again is your problem rather than understanding what you need. I didn't realize that you are looking for home; you are looking for a place where you are constantly reminded of your happy times as a baby until you turned 4 years old. I understand now that in many ways you are like me, finding happiness and peace in familiar grounds. Sorry for failing to shield you from people forcing you to do things you don't like and from their noise. I learned from you that mommies make mistakes too. They say that you are a smart kid…yes you are. I knew that from the moment I first set my eyes on you.  Thank you anak for the joy and wisdom you brought to our family. Always remember that Mommy loves you very much and so as your Kuya Ian and Daddy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Letter to my Kids

A Letter to my Kids

I remember back then, when you were still babies... I held you in my arms, I played with your tiny fingers and toes. I watched you while you sleep and waited for you to wake up. That time, you were still so small and so fragile, when you cried it made me want to cry of panic...are you hungry, sleepy, in pain? It's like magic watching you slowly growing up, I can still feel the joy of hearing your first laugh, seeing your first smile and first tooth. I felt so proud of both of you when you started to learn to sit, stand and walk on your own. I waited so long for you to call me Mommy, for you to ask me whatever you want to learn. For me to hold your hand and guide you to write your ABC's and 123's. Now that you've turned 5 and 6 years seems that things are going too fast. I've always wanted to be your teacher and to always be by your side as you go through your journey. Sometimes I miss you when you say or do things I don't like and you insist to do things your way... I miss you as a baby when you always listen to Mommy. At times, it's difficult to believe that there are lots of people around you trying to be your hero...your idol.

I know that we can never pull back the hands of time... A lot of things will change, you'll get to know a lot of people and you might not take me along in your every adventure. But I like you to know that I will always be proud that I'm your mom, I'll forever be grateful that God blessed me with happy and wonderful kids like you. I love you Ian and Allen!

(Kuya) Ian Happy 6th Birthday
(Kuya) Ian and (Baby) Allen Congratulations on your Moving Up (Graduation) Day   


Friday, March 4, 2011

My Son Made Me Cry

It was one of those usual nights when I come home from work, kiss my kids, ask if they have eaten their dinner and check on their notebooks for homework and letters from their teacher. Then, I heat up dinner for me and my hubby, while food is heating up, I try to organize the room a bit, you know kids are kids... they leave toys here and there when you're a little unlucky you find left over food or wrappers. As I go through all these I feel like I'm in a "never ending battle" and maybe the only weapon to end these all is SLEEP!!! I teach my kids on their homework before they watch TV and play. After we've eaten dinner I put all the dishes in the sink, clean the floor and then tuck my younger son to sleep; my "bunso" still cries a lot even if he's already 4 years old so I have to devote more time to him and be by his side when he's already sleepy. It became a little bit quiet when my "bunso" was already asleep and my elder son was just watching a show on Cartoon Network, so I started washing the dishes...I glanced at my elder son and found him looking at me, then he said, "Mommy, tama na" (Mommy, that's enough) I looked at him really carefully I didn't know if he was referring to washing dishes or he might be feeling dizzy of me keep on moving around the small room we're renting. He approached me and with his own simple words told me to stop washing dishes, stop fixing things in the room because he will be the one to do them. That moment brought tears to my eyes, I suppressed them before my son sees them...and embraced him and kissed him on his cheeks and forehead to hide my face and most important to let him feel that I love him and thank him for what he said.

I told him in the simplest way I can that I'm okay and I like what I'm doing for them. I told him that I do all those chores because I love them, for Mommy to be happy he should enjoy being a kid and study well. He smiled and I felt what most parents say that you forget how tired you are when you see your child's smile. He went back to watch TV and I finished up my chores but that night changed how I see my elder son. He is not just any other kid who eats and play. He is starting to grow up to be an observant, kind and sensitive kid. Thank God for giving me good kids.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shakey's Monster Meal Deal

You don't have to get your eyes checked! Nope, definitely not! Yes, that's right, It's the Shakey's Monster Meal Deal 12 for 12. This promo has been running since the 15th of January 2011 and about to end on the 31st of March... Oh, 30 days left so got to hurry up guys! Did you read what's written on top, well, the most interesting part that is? "Meal for 12, Gadgets for 12" For only P1,739 you get to indulge in hmmm... so yummy and generous serving of --- one large, Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza, one large, Thin Crust Manager's Choice, one Platter of Classic Spaghetti, one Platter of Carbonara Supreme, one Awesome Twosome 12 pc. Chick 'n' Chips party pack, and three pitchers of Coca-Cola plus you could join the raffle for a chance to win awesome gadgets. Here, to give you complete details read on:

Shakey's, the leading pizza restaurant, is the go-to fun dining venue for large gatherings of friends, colleagues, and extended families with its Monster Meal Deal, a bang-for-the-buck meal that satisfies groups of up to 12 diners or more, while giving everyone the opportunity to win exciting gadgets for 12. Now, eating big gets even better as Shakey's rewards its loyal patrons big time with a monster raffle promo.

For every purchase of a Shakey's Monster Meal Deal via dine-in, carry out or delivery, guests get a chance to win attractive gadgets, such as the Ipad tablet, the Ipod Nano and the Ipod Touch music players, and Lumix cameras for 12 people while enjoying a great meal which includes one large, Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza, one large, Thin Crust Manager's Choice, one Platter of Classic Spaghetti, one Platter of Carbonara Supreme, one Awesome Twosome 12 pc. Chick 'n' Chips party pack, and three pitchers of Coca-Cola for only P1,739, or P145 per person.

Upon availment of a Monster Meal Deal, guests will automatically get a POS tape receipt. Guests must fill up the tape receipt with his or her complete name, mailing address, landline and mobile numbers, affix his or her signature and drop in drop boxes located at all Shakey's outlets.

For the Initial Raffle Draw, two winners will be selected from raffle entries submitted between January 15, 2011 (restaurant's opening hour) to February 20, 2011 (restaurant's closing hour). One will be eligible to win 12 Ipod Nanos (8GB). Another winner will go home with 12 Ipod Touch (8GB). The raffle draw will be on February 24, 2011, with the announcement of winners on February 28, 2011.

For the Grand Raffle Draw, entries will be selected from diners who visit Shakey's between February 21, 2011 (restaurant's opening hour) to March 31, 2011, 11:59PM (restaurant's closing hour). There will be one winner of 12 Ipads (16GB) and another winner of 12 Lumix FZ40. The Grand Raffle Draw will be on April 11, 2011, with the announcement of winners on April 15, 2011.

All draws will be held at the International Family Food Services Inc.'s (IFFSI) Office at No. 12 East Service Road AFP-RSBS Industrial Park Taguig, Metro Manila.

Prizes may be redeemed at the following: Metro Manila winners: IFFSI office at 12 East Service Road AFP-RSBS Industrial Park Taguig Metro Manila; Provincial winners: at their nearest Shakey's branch. For purposes of validation, winners are asked to bring the following when claiming their prizes: any two valid identification cards and the registered mail from Shakey's.

Visit a Shakey's Pizza Restaurant today and order a Monster Meal Deal now! Promo runs from January 15, 2011 to March 31, 2011. Per DTI NCR Permit No. 0066, Series of 2011.

You could also visit for more details and to keep you posted for the latest promos. Okay, now, too much for that up next I'll be sharing Our Monster Meal Deal Experience!!!! It's good for 12 but check us out here in the picture:

At the left side (Front - Back) : Joy, Me and Res
At the right side (F-B): She, Fam and Joana
 There were only 6 of us! One hell of an appetite, hahaha! I'll just tease you by showing pictures of all the delicious food we had.
Uhmmm.... creamy carbonara
classic all time favorite spaghetti
Chick 'n Chips Party Pack... this made us go wow!

Thin Crust Manager's Choice Pizza
(see the cheese around the pizza? all melted up, puffed and crisp)

Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza , hmmm
keep scrolling there's more!!!

instead of eating this with spaghetti and carbonara, we ate it at the last part of the entire meal

This is my not so successful attempt to take a picture of the entire meal... I wonder why those two girls at the back were already hugging their tummies?
This is a cute, funny picture of Joana... a, well... a, maybe testing if she could finish one out of three pitchers of Coke??? 
picture taking gone over board... okay, now what about the gravy, why, why, did I take a picture of this gravy... ????? well, nothing

This was the last shot I had that night (L-R) Joana, Me and Fam
I was feeling a bit sleepy already....
By the way, wonder where all the yummy food go??? All gone...way down our tummies. (ehem)

'Til next time!!!!