Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Funny Doughnut Story

When someone says doughnut, what crosses our mind is that sweet and usually ring-shape cake that we see almost anywhere. Well, after my husband and his officemates have a Christmas Outing joined in by families and friends last December 26, 2010 at La Colina Garden Resort in Antipolo City... I now remember something else when I hear someone says doughnut.

My kids and I were swimming when daughters of Ate Aying (one of my husband's officemates) joined us in the pool. My elder son Ian be friend them at once (between my two sons he's the friendly one) and hmmm... found himself an instant swimming instructor. When his Ate Patpat (one of the two girls of Ate Aying); that's what Ian fondly called her after learning that her name is Patricia, went to the other side of the pool Ian called to her, "Ate Patpat, yung do-nut" "Akina yung do-nut. All of us who heard him have puzzled look on our faces... When Patricia approached her to ask him what he said, Ian grabbed his life saver (we refer to it mostly as salbabida) that Patricia was wearing and said "Ayan do-nut".  We laughed at my son's own Doughnut.

Picture: (L-R) Ian, Allen and Mommy

La Colina Garden Resort

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Cristine said...

Okay again (L-R) that's Ian, Allen and Mommy... with the Doughnut (yellow salbabida)