Monday, January 24, 2011

My First Wedding Project

One of my officemates, Resme Amistad, we fondly call her Res, says that she has lots of college friends who are planning to get married this year.  Her charm, attention to details and keen eye for quality made her friends and acquaintances ask for her assistance when it comes to parties and events. I sweetly kid her nowadays as my new “Boss” because she just asked me to help out with the preparation of one of her girl friends’ wedding.    

Will exchange wedding vows in June (friend Mich is another addition to the June brides out there).
Five months to go before the big day and I’m also excited… (Okay, I know, I know, I’m not a family of the bride and I’m definitely NOT getting married again!) Why am I so thrilled about this upcoming wedding? It’s because of the assignment my “Boss” (Hi, Res!     ) gave me. This is what’s keeping me busy lately and I am really going to do my very best to make this look really nice. My first ever wedding planner assignment… actually she gave me two tasks for this event. Here’s the first one:

Wedding Candles

This picture was sent to me by my gorgeous boss to serve as my guide in doing my assignment

(L-R) match, offertory candle, lighting taper, sponsor candle, unity candle, sponsor candle, lighting taper, offertory candle and match
I have to prepare the similar set of candles above. The big one at the center is the Unity Candle, the one that will be lightened by the bride and groom. For lightening up the unity candle they will use the tapers, the two thinnest candles, candle sponsors will lighten the two thick candles next to the unity candle using the prepared matches  and the two candles in small bottles are the offertory candles.
These past few days I’ve been searching for designs on the net. I like the ones I found on

Meck and Mich chose gold and purple motif (hmm… very nice). According to Res the soon-to-be bride and groom wanted their candles to look beautiful when arranged in the church but should also match their simple taste.
I think I have ample time to prepare. ‘Have to check out my beads collection, look for all of the purple and gold colored stuff in there. I have to make trips to bead shops (got most of mine from Divisoria near Tutuban Mall, some from Farmers Cubao) I have to try the one they say in Quiapo near the Church. There’s a store in Marikina Market named Snow White that sells tools, ribbons and laces. Aww, I have a lot to check out!  
As for my second assignment, I’ll have to be an usherette on the wedding and help out on checking out the wedding details (like my college days, huh?)
I have to say ciao for now… I promise to update you guys on my first wedding candle project.