Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas

     Four days to go before Christmas! Have you wrapped all the presents? If you're not yet ready for Christmas gift giving, then you still have time to shop. 

Gift Ideas for Moms:
  1. Bath and Body wash set
  2. Perfume
  3. Jewelry
  4. Inspirational Book / Cook Book / Culinary Magazine
  5. Bag / purse / wallet
Gift Ideas for Dads:
  1. Wallet / belt / back pack 
  2. Neck tie / handkerchief
  3. Top (Formal / Casual)
  4. Gadget / gadget accessories
  5. Food Gift Certificates
Gift Ideas for Kids:
  1. TOYS (any kid wants to get a toy this Christmas)
  2. Clothes / shoes
  3. Educational / story books
  4. School supplies
  5. Baked goodies / chocolates
     Honestly, the only thing I shopped for so far is Christmas souvenirs for my office mates. I gave them personalized coffee cups with their names on them. Shopped for my boys leather shoes and my hubby's shoes and bag. Lots of things could happen in four days. Who knows we might bump into each other while doing our last minute Christmas shopping rush. See you around! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yummy Cupcakes by Cheche

     Christmas is the perfect time for gift giving. Every year starting December 16, we give different kinds of sweet goodies to our neighbors. Sweet treats are also in our list of must-gives or one of our must-haves on our dinner tables during the entire Holiday Season.

     CUPCAKES! Yes lots of cupcakes. These are perfect for your Holiday treat. What is so adorable with these cuties, you could have them whatever flavor and color you prefer. It is also perfect for weddings, birthdays and family gatherings. A great gift too for relatives and friends.

white icing with rose design

topped with colorful flower candies

perfect for kids...candy sprinkles and
choco coated candies

rich chocolate with colorful flower topping

request for your desired packaging material

     For orders text or call Che Lingo at Cupcakes P50/pc.(standard price)
*price for customized cupcakes depends on the design.
Please allow 3 days lead time
Minimum order is 30 pcs.
For orders and inquiries: please text or call Che Lingo 09322329255 / 0908-7661364 / 0906-4502488


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Reunion

Giant Christmas Tree at
Araneta Center Cubao
     Some considers the merry month of December as one of the most special months of the year. I agree to that. It is the time for series of Christmas parties and family gatherings. A time when old friends meet and reminisce those times when they used to always be together. December 2 at 6:30 in the evening until 12:30 midnight was a very special moment for me. I got to meet with two of my good friends. It has been more than three years since we last seen each other and we were all thrilled. We laughed and talked non-stop. There wasn't a dull moment. We were the last customers to dine in a restaurant at the ground level of Gateway Mall, Cubao. Lots of banging sounds came from the kitchen and we knew what that meant...they are about to close. The irritated look in the faces of the servers and kitchen helpers even added up to our amusement. We can't help ourselves from being just so happy.  

     Thank you to my friends Che Lingo-Somes and Myra Capulong for a wonderful evening. That was an early Christmas gift. I'm hoping for more bonding times to come. ☺

Huge presents...wonder if there's
anything inside?

L-R: Ate Myra, me and Che

'Love you friends!

New Market Menu at Restaurant 101

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jollibee Chicken Joy

My kids Ian and Allen love Jollibee Chicken Joy. During lazy late afternoon weekends, my hubby and I often give in to the unstoppable duo's request to have their favorite fried chicken. I have to keep my camera clicking while these two munch up half-way of the Jollibee Chicken Joy Bucket.

Chicken Joy Bucket (6 pcs) plus
Allen's favorite Peach Mango Pie

Allen having an early dinner

Ooops! Hi, Mommy...

Allen with playful Kuya Ian

Smile Kuya, Smile

Playing with the cover with Captain America

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Enderun Extension invites you to Santa's Kitchen

Do you feel that your kid has a potential to be a Chef? This is perfect for your kids. Give them time to learn and have fun in Santa's Kitchen.
email: for more details

Monday, November 14, 2011

Johnson's My Kid's Growing Up So Fast Contest - Winning Comment

Thank you once again to all of those who sent out their captions to my kid's photo...
The winning comment is:

“I've got star quality because my Mom believes in me”

Karen Claire de Guzman

Take care everyone and God bless!

Friday, November 11, 2011

San Miguel Purefoods Culinary Center Business Opportunity Series

     San Miguel Purefoods Culinary Center, one of the leading food companies in the Philippines will be having Business Opportunity Series; A Cooking Class Demo. Learn how to make delicious meals that will surely brighten up your holiday feast. For more information email:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to do a Screen Cap?

I joined in a blog contest and got an email from the sponsor. One requirement of the contest is for me to provide a screen cap of my entry. (sigh) This mom over here has been blogging since January of this year and though it is a bit embarrassing to admit I honestly don't know a thing about screen caps. Does anybody have this kind of experience? Oh well.

Thank God to the helpful hand of the internet. I searched for the answer to my question: "How to do a Screen Cap?" Here's what I got:

I did exactly as what is said in the instruction. Hold down Ctrl and push the "print screen" button, then open up paint and right click and push paste.

Johnson's My Kid's Growing Up So Fast Contest

Congratulations to the following mommies:
Arlene Mimi Lorelie Azurin
Cheryl Ann Lei Reyes
Rosanna Lim
Ma. Eliza Ypon

for winning the Johnson's My Kids Growing Up So Fast Contest

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Crave Burger and Moon Leaf Treat

My hubby and I love to eat out when we have extra cash in our wallets. We don't normally go out on romantic dates like other married couples do. Spending time together even just for a snack and some chit chat maintains a good marriage and it strengthens our friendship. 

We dropped by Crave Burger at Katipunan, Quezon City for a burger snack and a cold drink. This is what we had:

My hubby ordered his Crave Burger with frech fries on the side
and he had a cold red iced tea

I only ordered for the Crave Burger and ordered cold milk tea
at Moon Leaf Tea Shop

Visit these Links for more Appetizing shots courtesy of:
Since there's a nearby Moon Leaf Tea Shop (just in front of Crave Burger) it's so convenient to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Moon Leaf's House blended Milk Tea
Vist their fan page at
The chilled milk tea I had was perfect; it really tasted like freshly brewed tea and it was so creamy. As for the burgers, it tasted like pure beef patties without too much seasonings; just salt and pepper. Some burgers have too much extenders, meat substitutes and seasonings. With Crave burger we got to enjoy the clean beefy taste. We walked to our home after the late snack and a totally great evening.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Milk Tea Part 1: Serenitea

SereniTEA: Not Your Ordinary Cup of Tea. When this milk tea house opened along Jupiter Street, Makati City (near Buendia) two of my office mates and I dropped by to have a taste of our own SereniTEA experience.

This is how it looks at around 6:00 in the's just...Wow!
It's a perfect stop over after a stressful day at work.  

Failed to get a better shot of the menu board. This is the closest I could get.

Lots of milk tea fanatics trooped the area. We have to wait for our turn.


This is really cute. Once you placed your order, they'll be giving you one of these. When your milk tea's ready it will light up meaning claim your order at the counter... Cool isn't it?
Claiming our orders...

Sheryl and Faith (L-R) enjoying their chilled tea. Faith even got a SereniTEA pin; it's given to costumers who dropped by for the opening day.

There goes the popular tag line...Serenitea; Not your ordinary cup of tea.

A true strawberry fan...I ordered for the Strawberry Toffee Milk Tea

My office mates ordered Chilled Grape and Green Tea. I don't remember which is which.

 Chilled Tea, Milk Tea whatever kind of tea... is becoming an "in" thing nowadays and I tried several shops serving them. Serenitea's location is perfect for busy people who wanted to relax before saying home sweet home. I wanted my beverages to have that extra kick, say if it's coffee it has to have that strong bitter taste. Now, for tea I wanted it to taste like brewed tea. It tasted kinda weak on that note based on my personal preference but overall it tastes healthy and refreshing. Another healthy and unique giveaway is that with Serenitea, you can choose the level of sweetness...25%, 50%, 75% and 100% just name how sweet you want it and they'll prepare it for you. 
Visit their fan page:

Congratulations to the Winner of the “What’s a Healthy Deal?” Bloggers’ Raffle Contest

Congratulations to Arlyn Heidi Basada for winning the  “What’s a Healthy Deal?” Bloggers’ Raffle Contest on Wednesday, October 26, 2011. She's the lucky winner of an Apple iPad2, there was 50 of us who sent entries to this contest and she is the lucky contestant.

Monday, October 31, 2011

JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast Contest: Best Caption

Congratulations to...
M-y mom
O-verloads me with her love,
D-on't let me do bad things,
E-mbraces me joy and
L-ast but not the least, she supports me and love me unconditionally.

Annissa Diaz

Thank you for the beautiful caption Annissa. I already emailed J&J that I chose your caption, I am waiting for their reply. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Top 5 Most Favorite Captions: JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast Contest

Among all of the comments I received for my entry to the JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast Contest. Here are my five most favorite captions:

“I've got star quality because my Mom believes in me.”
Karen Claire de Guzman
"Watch Out Coz Here Comes Boy Aztig!"

M-y mom
O-verloads me with her love,
D-on't let me do bad things,
E-mbraces me joy and
L-ast but not the least, she supports me and love me unconditionally.
Annissa Diaz

The Humble Beginnings of a Male Supermodel!
The role MODEL of a well-brought-up son. ;)
Analyn Alonsagay

I made my final choice just a few minutes ago and sent it already to I'll be announcing the winning caption/sender on October 31 as indicated in the contest mechanics. Clue: the winning caption I chose totally describes everything I feel about my son and it relates to the theme of my's just so complete.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast Contest: Selecting the Best Caption

Thank you to all of those who sent their cute and creative captions to my entry to the JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast Contest ... Here they are:

rdnofera - The Freebie/Contest Pirate!
Caption: "Watch Out Coz Here Comes Boy Aztig!"
Saturday, October 08, 2011

Caption: “I've got star quality because my Mom believes in me.”
Karen Claire de Guzman
Sunday, October 16, 2011

Annissa Diaz
M-y mom
O-verloads me with her love,
D-on't let me do bad things,
E-mbraces me joy and
L-ast but not the least, she supports me and love me unconditionally.
Annissa Diaz
It's just me! Your model idol!
Marilou Lim
All of them are really nice and I appreciate your effort in sending them out to my blog. Choosing the best one is a hard task. I'll announce my choice as soon as I've decided. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Party at Xavierville Phase 2 and 3

Xavierville Phase II and III's 2011 Halloween Celebration
 Every year, kids look forward to the month of October. Between the 3rd and 4th week of this month young boys and girls and even babies gear up with their cutest, scariest and wackiest costumes. Xavierville Subdivision in Loyola Heights, Quezon City celebrated their own Halloween Party on October 22, 2011, Saturday. This time, the theme of the party is Hallowoodween. Lots of prizes are at stake for those who will win the cutest costume, scariest costume, Hollywood theme-costume, the best costume categories.

Here are some pictures of the event...
(You won't see me anywhere in all of the pictures. As usual I'm always behind the scenes. For me, my kids are the stars of this event.):
My boys are all set to attend the event
Allen: Our Baby Pumpkin, posing for the cameras

Kuya Ian: Dracula without fangs, flashing a smile

The venue is decorated with lots of scary stuff just like the one near Allen...Yikes!

Ian posed in front of more scary decorations

The All-time Pinoy Favorite Game for Kids "Ang Pabitin" Too bad the nannies were the ones who played. Kids didn't get a turn. Some kids even got hurt when they attempted to join.

Halloween balloons

First Game: Trip to Jerusalem / Musical Chairs
My sons joined this game. The 2nd Game: Paper Dance

Waiting for the music to start...

Ice cream...

Kids remained energetic upto the end of the program

The much awaited Trick or Treat!
Look at all the goodies they got!
They were also given McDonald's snacks plus
cotton candies, taho and again every kid's favorite, ice cream.

Thank you to all of the hosts and organizers! Congratulations Xavierville Phase II and III for a successful event. Let's look forward to a better and bigger Halloween Party in the years to come.