Friday, January 28, 2011

My New Skirt

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this skirt! True, I just love it! The company I'm working in have this Annual Manager's Convention which is usually scheduled any day by first week of February, this year it's on February 4. 

One cloudy Friday afternoon we decided to go shopping at SM Megamall. We were searching for a business formal attire, I already have my brown blazer I bought more than a year ago. I want to have that with a black blouse, well, that part is easy to find. Now, I like to wear a skirt this time, just for a change since I usually wear slacks. 

Our first stop... Forever 21. My shopping partners suggested that I try a printed brown one something different from the ordinary boring plain brown. A few minutes after they suggested it I saw IT! It was hanging so high (can't reach it by myself) in a rack at the left side of the store. I headed to the fitting room and it fits me well (okay, I got the large size so it really fits me well, no objection). On my way home the rain was pouring really hard but It was a great shopping day anyway.

Ready for 2011 Manager's Convention.