Friday, January 7, 2011

My 2011 Resolution

I can't remember when exactly was the last time I wrote a New Year's Resolution. Last night, I reminisced about my birthday on December 31, 2010 and realized how fast time really flies... I'm now 29 years old. On my next birthday I'll be turning 30! So, I decided that I'll make my 2011 Resolution; list them down and let's see by the end of the year which of them was fulfilled.

1. Put God first and last.
With a busy schedule; joggling family life, career, spending time with friends and finding time for myself, I forget the most important thing that I should do when I wake up in the morning and before going to bed after a tiring day and that is to thank Him for each and everyday of my life.
2. Spend more quality time with my family.
Like other moms out there, how many times do we scold our kids for not finishing their food? not turning off the TV when they're finished watching? for not keeping their toys when they're done playing? for scolding our husbands for not helping out on household chores? I have to raise my hand here (ehem!). Relax a bit, breath, kids won't be kids forever! Hubby's tired from work too, so well, I also have to give myself a break on the scolding part.
3. Enjoy life and learn new things.
Watch a movie... go to places where I've never been... cook or eat out to try out a new dish... buy a new book... try different dresses / clothes... take a lot of pictures and Smile!
4. Lose weight (try... OK I'm gonna try...)
 This will need a lot of discipline but who says we have to starve ourselves to lose weight? My goal (our goal chubby cute mommies out their) of losing weight should be a motivation to eat healthier. Eat in moderation (ehem again!)
5. Save... Spend less.
I'm going to quit buying all those unnecessary stuff.... you know, things that end up in boxes 'cause you don't know where to put them (u-huh?). Things that I won't use but I bought them 'cause they're on sale...figurines, clothes (out of style, won't fit...)
6. Get organized.
I can do this at home (with the help of my husband and kids... we can do this, come on!). In the office, I'll work on that this year.
7. Plan ahead. Make a list (and check it twice la-la-la-la)
Okay, last Holiday season I didn't plan ahead on what gifts to give, we rushed to Divisoria (imagine Divisoria on almost mid December???) without an exact list on what to buy, now, that is not too smart. I will make a list before shopping or doing the grocery.
8. Engage to a hobby.
When it comes to hobbies my interest shifts from one to another. This time I'll choose a hobby and stick to it.
9. Be Beautiful.
I admit that every morning I hurry to work without paying much attention to how I look in the mirror. So now It'll be a prettier 2011.
10. Time is so precious to waste.
Wake up early... leave early for work... fall in love everyday.

I Hope you enjoyed reading. Now, what's YOUR New Year's Resolution? 


mary j said...

i like the be beautiful part! =)

Cristine said...

Thanks mary j for droppin' by. Well then, let's all be beautiful this 2011 =)