Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Reunion

Giant Christmas Tree at
Araneta Center Cubao
     Some considers the merry month of December as one of the most special months of the year. I agree to that. It is the time for series of Christmas parties and family gatherings. A time when old friends meet and reminisce those times when they used to always be together. December 2 at 6:30 in the evening until 12:30 midnight was a very special moment for me. I got to meet with two of my good friends. It has been more than three years since we last seen each other and we were all thrilled. We laughed and talked non-stop. There wasn't a dull moment. We were the last customers to dine in a restaurant at the ground level of Gateway Mall, Cubao. Lots of banging sounds came from the kitchen and we knew what that meant...they are about to close. The irritated look in the faces of the servers and kitchen helpers even added up to our amusement. We can't help ourselves from being just so happy.  

     Thank you to my friends Che Lingo-Somes and Myra Capulong for a wonderful evening. That was an early Christmas gift. I'm hoping for more bonding times to come. ☺

Huge presents...wonder if there's
anything inside?

L-R: Ate Myra, me and Che

'Love you friends!

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