Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas

     Four days to go before Christmas! Have you wrapped all the presents? If you're not yet ready for Christmas gift giving, then you still have time to shop. 

Gift Ideas for Moms:
  1. Bath and Body wash set
  2. Perfume
  3. Jewelry
  4. Inspirational Book / Cook Book / Culinary Magazine
  5. Bag / purse / wallet
Gift Ideas for Dads:
  1. Wallet / belt / back pack 
  2. Neck tie / handkerchief
  3. Top (Formal / Casual)
  4. Gadget / gadget accessories
  5. Food Gift Certificates
Gift Ideas for Kids:
  1. TOYS (any kid wants to get a toy this Christmas)
  2. Clothes / shoes
  3. Educational / story books
  4. School supplies
  5. Baked goodies / chocolates
     Honestly, the only thing I shopped for so far is Christmas souvenirs for my office mates. I gave them personalized coffee cups with their names on them. Shopped for my boys leather shoes and my hubby's shoes and bag. Lots of things could happen in four days. Who knows we might bump into each other while doing our last minute Christmas shopping rush. See you around! 

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jack said...

Nice choice but electronic gadgets can also be the first choice for youngster's so having a great Gift Ideas about choosing from many.