Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jollibee Chicken Joy

My kids Ian and Allen love Jollibee Chicken Joy. During lazy late afternoon weekends, my hubby and I often give in to the unstoppable duo's request to have their favorite fried chicken. I have to keep my camera clicking while these two munch up half-way of the Jollibee Chicken Joy Bucket.

Chicken Joy Bucket (6 pcs) plus
Allen's favorite Peach Mango Pie

Allen having an early dinner

Ooops! Hi, Mommy...

Allen with playful Kuya Ian

Smile Kuya, Smile

Playing with the cover with Captain America


Paula said...

Ang lulusog ng mga kids mo sana yung kids ko din ganyan. :)
Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Cristine said...

You're welcome mommy paula and it is a pleasure to read your blog. Mga laging nasa kusina 'yang mga chikiting ko e sobrang hilig kumain :)

Pinx said...

no child yata ang hindi kumakain ng Jollibee! ang sara nilang tingnan! hopping here from BC Bloggers!

Cristine said...

thank you pinx for visiting my blog :)

Tetcha said...

We love Jollibee's chicken joy, too! Sarap! Thanks for visiting my FTF entry!