Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Party at Xavierville Phase 2 and 3

Xavierville Phase II and III's 2011 Halloween Celebration
 Every year, kids look forward to the month of October. Between the 3rd and 4th week of this month young boys and girls and even babies gear up with their cutest, scariest and wackiest costumes. Xavierville Subdivision in Loyola Heights, Quezon City celebrated their own Halloween Party on October 22, 2011, Saturday. This time, the theme of the party is Hallowoodween. Lots of prizes are at stake for those who will win the cutest costume, scariest costume, Hollywood theme-costume, the best costume categories.

Here are some pictures of the event...
(You won't see me anywhere in all of the pictures. As usual I'm always behind the scenes. For me, my kids are the stars of this event.):
My boys are all set to attend the event
Allen: Our Baby Pumpkin, posing for the cameras

Kuya Ian: Dracula without fangs, flashing a smile

The venue is decorated with lots of scary stuff just like the one near Allen...Yikes!

Ian posed in front of more scary decorations

The All-time Pinoy Favorite Game for Kids "Ang Pabitin" Too bad the nannies were the ones who played. Kids didn't get a turn. Some kids even got hurt when they attempted to join.

Halloween balloons

First Game: Trip to Jerusalem / Musical Chairs
My sons joined this game. The 2nd Game: Paper Dance

Waiting for the music to start...

Ice cream...

Kids remained energetic upto the end of the program

The much awaited Trick or Treat!
Look at all the goodies they got!
They were also given McDonald's snacks plus
cotton candies, taho and again every kid's favorite, ice cream.

Thank you to all of the hosts and organizers! Congratulations Xavierville Phase II and III for a successful event. Let's look forward to a better and bigger Halloween Party in the years to come.


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