Friday, October 28, 2011

Top 5 Most Favorite Captions: JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast Contest

Among all of the comments I received for my entry to the JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast Contest. Here are my five most favorite captions:

“I've got star quality because my Mom believes in me.”
Karen Claire de Guzman
"Watch Out Coz Here Comes Boy Aztig!"

M-y mom
O-verloads me with her love,
D-on't let me do bad things,
E-mbraces me joy and
L-ast but not the least, she supports me and love me unconditionally.
Annissa Diaz

The Humble Beginnings of a Male Supermodel!
The role MODEL of a well-brought-up son. ;)
Analyn Alonsagay

I made my final choice just a few minutes ago and sent it already to I'll be announcing the winning caption/sender on October 31 as indicated in the contest mechanics. Clue: the winning caption I chose totally describes everything I feel about my son and it relates to the theme of my's just so complete.

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