Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm Joining BC Bloggers

I thought of building my own blog to have a "home" for ideas that instantly come to my mind. As a person who loves to dream for great things to happen in life and one who savors each delightful moment that happens in my parenting career, talking about those things just seems not enough. So, what is an aspiring writer supposed to do? Write about them...and yes, go ahead and blog.

Check out this link Leave your email address to get instructions on how to officially join in. You'll instantly receive a confirmation that your email address was received and will get the instructions a day after. 

Blogging is not fun without friends and acquaintances who share the same joy for expressing themselves through blogs. Good thing there is BC Bloggers that cares for building relationship among bloggers. What are you waiting for? Spread the good news...join BC Bloggers now!

Kindly check out my BC Bloggers Page and leave a link

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