Monday, March 12, 2012

Win or Lose

     Just want to share my sons' poem for Kindergarten Graduation in Hands of Children School.
Children, even at their tender age encounter situations when they have to accept defeat. We must teach our children that it is natural to lose. Things will not always go their way. On the other hand, when they experience triumph let as be by their side to help them learn humility.

Win or Lose (Author: Unknown)

Whether you win or lose the game,
Don't be too proud or hide in shame
Someone must lose, someone must win
For game results are all the same

When you happen to have a luck,
Befriend your foe and do not mock
With hurting words,
     please do not stab

And when defeat becomes your fate,
Hold your tongue and do not hate
Smile pleasantly and merrily wait
For your luck will come some other day.

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