Monday, March 12, 2012

Brother's Burgers Dinner

    My hubby and I decided to have dinner at somewhere near our home. We live in Loyola Heights, Quezon City. If you're familiar with the place, you'll agree that there are so many restaurants around. We settled for burgers and it's high time we try those at Brother's Burgers. One of my office buddies told me that they serve it great. 

Taking a break from the busy world...a shot of Katipunan Avenue

Just about to get in

Playing with my camera while waiting for our order
We ordered for two Brother's Burgers with add-on and drinks

Vanilla milk shake


Brother's burger with Cilantro cream

Brother's burger with Cheese

'Took a final shot of our meal

We ordered for additional Onion rings

     How much did we spend again? I forgot when I tasted the burgers. Bursting with flavor--that's exactly what came into my mind bite after bite of my Brother's burger with Cilantro cream. I had mine with a Vanilla milk shake...felt like a kid! That was a nice combination. My hubby ordered the one with cheese and a lemonade for his drink. Onion rings tasted great too. Natural sweetness of onions, battered, breaded and deep-fried giving that delightful crunch.

     That was a superb burger experience!

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