Friday, October 14, 2011

What’s a Healthy Deal?

Being healthy is not about having good looks or a great figure. Being healthy involves the condition of the individual’s mind, body and spirit. Health issues do not revolve around a person’s physical state alone; these also concern the mental and social well-being.   
Life is getting more challenging. Problems occurring in human’s daily activities affect their health condition. It’s time to know about what’s a healthy deal. Living a healthy lifestyle involves a combination of proper diet, exercise and adequate rest. This gave way to the birth of wellness programs. However, many are having second thoughts of availing them due to issues on high cost and out of way location.
Good thing,, a.k.a. Healthy Deals Philippines the newest and only group-buying site in the Philippines offers health and wellness deals. Visit the site check out ongoing promos, get coupons and discounts. Avail of one of the active deals: 2 Sessions of Pole Dancing at Noemi Pitargue’s Wellness in Life. Hurry avail of this treat and get a 25% discount. Have a pole dancing experience for only Php 750 instead of the original price of Php 1000. Get Php 250 savings and all the health benefits pole dancing will give you. Feel healthy and have a sexier body; it also improves body systems and overall wellness.  Not only beautiful celebrities can dot it, you too!
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Joi now! Promo runs from September 20 to October 20, 2011.


Olive Estrella Coronado said...

Wow nice! Hey, I'd love to invite you to join our mom bloggers event--- thanks!

Cristine said...

Thank you for dropping by...I'll check that one out :)