Tuesday, October 11, 2011


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This is what I feel right now…being in a crossroad.  A crossroad they say is when two or more roads meet. I know the road I am in and I know the road that I frequently visit everyday but wherein I can’t stay for long. I have been working for the food industry as a simple R&D Specialist. I handle different kinds of projects, whatever is assigned to me…burger patties, sauces, vegetable fillings, et cetera. No matter how simple I would like to consider things at work there are always scenarios that are blown out of proportion. Take it easy, what most of us say. Yet there are those who want it the hard way. The tougher they treat people, the louder they laugh at them.
Now, let me talk about the other road. The road that I said I frequently visit…it’s my life as a writer (somewhat) I have always wanted to be one. Something happens for a reason as what we always say. I was not fortunate to fulfill my dream of being a writer by profession. Lucky for me there is a lot of online writing jobs like essays.ph, odesk, elance, and reviewstream. Being a reader of romance novels has given me the idea of writing my own novel, sending it out to a publishing company and seeing where that takes me.
Though I am in a crossroad right now I don’t accept defeat. I continuously fight the temptation of drifting down the flood of confusion. I don’t want to drown; I want to swim (though, I literally don’t know how) until I reach the right place for me. Mothers are supposed to be fighters. That is what I am.

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