Friday, March 4, 2011

My Son Made Me Cry

It was one of those usual nights when I come home from work, kiss my kids, ask if they have eaten their dinner and check on their notebooks for homework and letters from their teacher. Then, I heat up dinner for me and my hubby, while food is heating up, I try to organize the room a bit, you know kids are kids... they leave toys here and there when you're a little unlucky you find left over food or wrappers. As I go through all these I feel like I'm in a "never ending battle" and maybe the only weapon to end these all is SLEEP!!! I teach my kids on their homework before they watch TV and play. After we've eaten dinner I put all the dishes in the sink, clean the floor and then tuck my younger son to sleep; my "bunso" still cries a lot even if he's already 4 years old so I have to devote more time to him and be by his side when he's already sleepy. It became a little bit quiet when my "bunso" was already asleep and my elder son was just watching a show on Cartoon Network, so I started washing the dishes...I glanced at my elder son and found him looking at me, then he said, "Mommy, tama na" (Mommy, that's enough) I looked at him really carefully I didn't know if he was referring to washing dishes or he might be feeling dizzy of me keep on moving around the small room we're renting. He approached me and with his own simple words told me to stop washing dishes, stop fixing things in the room because he will be the one to do them. That moment brought tears to my eyes, I suppressed them before my son sees them...and embraced him and kissed him on his cheeks and forehead to hide my face and most important to let him feel that I love him and thank him for what he said.

I told him in the simplest way I can that I'm okay and I like what I'm doing for them. I told him that I do all those chores because I love them, for Mommy to be happy he should enjoy being a kid and study well. He smiled and I felt what most parents say that you forget how tired you are when you see your child's smile. He went back to watch TV and I finished up my chores but that night changed how I see my elder son. He is not just any other kid who eats and play. He is starting to grow up to be an observant, kind and sensitive kid. Thank God for giving me good kids.


Anonymous said...

Aww that's just so sweet. I'm hoping that my daughter will grow up to be just as thoughtful as your son.

Cristine said...

I'm sure she will! You're a great mom coz you spend time with her. I think spending quality time with our children is the key for them to grow up to be loving and responsible =D