Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Letter to my Kids

A Letter to my Kids

I remember back then, when you were still babies... I held you in my arms, I played with your tiny fingers and toes. I watched you while you sleep and waited for you to wake up. That time, you were still so small and so fragile, when you cried it made me want to cry of panic...are you hungry, sleepy, in pain? It's like magic watching you slowly growing up, I can still feel the joy of hearing your first laugh, seeing your first smile and first tooth. I felt so proud of both of you when you started to learn to sit, stand and walk on your own. I waited so long for you to call me Mommy, for you to ask me whatever you want to learn. For me to hold your hand and guide you to write your ABC's and 123's. Now that you've turned 5 and 6 years old...it seems that things are going too fast. I've always wanted to be your teacher and to always be by your side as you go through your journey. Sometimes I miss you when you say or do things I don't like and you insist to do things your way... I miss you as a baby when you always listen to Mommy. At times, it's difficult to believe that there are lots of people around you trying to be your hero...your idol.

I know that we can never pull back the hands of time... A lot of things will change, you'll get to know a lot of people and you might not take me along in your every adventure. But I like you to know that I will always be proud that I'm your mom, I'll forever be grateful that God blessed me with happy and wonderful kids like you. I love you Ian and Allen!

(Kuya) Ian Happy 6th Birthday
(Kuya) Ian and (Baby) Allen Congratulations on your Moving Up (Graduation) Day   



seth said...

congrats to your two babies! they grow up so fast talaga...

Cristine said...

thanks seth, kahit they're big na they will always be my "babies" =D