Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3D/2N Pangil Beach Resort with Laoag Tour: Excited for This!

     Since last 2 weeks ago or so my office mates and I have been wondering where to spend our group Christmas Party. The activity will also give us time to plan for the coming year ahead. It's high time we do something different before the year ends. First, we thought of Baguio...the cool breeze, park, souvenirs but we can't get our minds together on how are we supposed to kinda "bond" and make the Baguio trip worthwhile. So, we needed to scratch that one off. Next choice was Tagaytay. That time we were wondering about visiting Bag of Beans (good coffee and sweets) and trying the zip line which up to now I dunno if I can do. Okay so Tagaytay, we were about to head to Tagaytay all right.

     But! There's a but. We can't figure out what exactly will we be doing in Tagaytay. Oh well, we changed out minds again. Then, here's the choice that's supposed to end our long procrastinating journey -- Puerto Galera. Yes, Puerto Galera sounds superb at that time. One of our office mates even found a place to stay. We imagine the beach and the playful sunny sky and feeling the caressing wind. In totality, we'll just be enjoying the scene, drinking by the beach at night and exhaust ourselves with the free use of the videoke. Okay. That one's settled -- Puerto Galera... Here we come!

     Wait!!! Then, yes, we changed our minds again. One of our office mates bump into this juicy, very...interesting deal:!/deal/4739-3d2n-pangil-beach-resort-with-laoag-tour  
Here's to give you a peak of what the deal is all about:

About the deal :
Take a break and head North. What better way to spend it than to try out something new with this CashCashPinoy deal—Only P1, 658 instead of P3, 350 per person for 3D/2N Deluxe Accommodation at Pangil Beach Resort! Includes daily breakfast, complimentary use of resort facilities, round trip airport or bus terminal transfers, welcome drinks, Shartea merienda, and tours to Malacanang of the North, Marcos Museum, Paoay Church, Paoay Lake, Sinking Bell Tower, and La Paz Sand Dunes.  A fun-filled 50% OFF on a jam-packed Ilocos Norte adventure for the entire family or barkada!
Located along the shores of Currimao, Pangil Beach Resort lets you enjoy the serene moments while listening to the soothing sound of the waves—be it from your Deluxe room with balcony (plus private toilet & shower, 32” LCD TV, locker) or at the beachfront.
 (copied and pasted from website)

     And so finally...that one's settled. We're booked! We bought the voucher and we are off to Ilocos on December 7 to 9, 2012 for a yearend planning and girl bonding activity.

     I can't wait to post the pictures of our trip and....start writing my 'vacation getaway inspired' romance novel. ☺


Anonymous said...

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kat said...

Sounds fun. Make sure you check with the hotel if you are truly booked for that period. I have heard of horror stories of many deals sites.

Cristine said...

thank you. I hope you'll keep on visiting my blog :)

Cristine said...

Yes I have read those kind of stories too. Imagine traveling that far just to be cheated, harmed or robbed. One of my office mates contacted the hotel and made the needed arrangements. I'm no expert in traveling. I'm thankful I have smart companions :)

blahblahblogchef said...

how was it? i saw the same deal in cashcashpinoy.