Sunday, April 1, 2012

Calamares with Dips Galore

     That's a picture of our brunch or snack for this lazy Sunday late morning. One of my office mates gave me frozen squid rings and another gave me those dips. Here, let me share with you how I made my Calamares.
1. Thaw frozen squid rings.
2. Beat egg, salt and pepper (based on flavor preference) and a little flour in a bowl.
3. Spread out some dry batter mix on a dry plate.
4. Drain squid rings and pour into egg mixture.
5. Remove and coat each piece with dry batter mix.
6. Deep fry into a pan with well preheated cooking oil.
7. Fry until coating is light brown and crunchy.

My Dips are:
1. Cheese Sauce
2. Calamansi Butter
3. Thousand Island Dressing
4. Mayo Garlic Dip

     Bye for now! Don't want to keep my snack waiting :)

1 comment:

verna said...

Thanks for sharing this! I absolutely love Calamares! :)
I need to try this.