Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Beauty of Life

Life isn't simple. But the beauty of it is, you can always start over. It'll get easier.
Alacia Bessette, Simply form Scratch 2010

Way back my highschool days I was an impossibly shy and quiet human being. People barely felt I was around when they don't look towards my direction. My hands used to shake when I speak infront of the class. I was such a pathetic little (chubby) thing. I was scared that I might say something wrong.

I learned to breathe when I was in my college days. Those were the days when I got to meet different people. I came out of my shell and when I graduated with acceptable grades, 'was ready to conquer the world.

Conquering the world...working, enjoying life with friends and family. Life indeed is a beautiful thing. Life's beauty is not about always seeing things go your way. There are lots of challenges that await us. In every step we make towards the ladder of success there will be barriers. Beauty is about keeping courage in place and continuing to face and solve problems. Success has room for those who look at life positively. Barriers are made not to stop us from getting to the top; instead to turn us into brave and wise leaders. Experiencing failures and recovering from them to do better the next time around is an effective recipe for success. Leaders built with humility and compassion go a long way.  

Humbling ourselves in different phases of our lives will help us improve more. Friendship, family life and motherhood are wonderful adventures in my life that inspire me day after day I hold on to frowns and laughters life brings and thank God for my beautiful life.

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