Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Don't Want to be a Dreamer

Yes, I have finally come to realize that after all these years of saying that I am a dreamer...I just want to quit. I'm resigning from years of dreaming to be an unbelievably good provider, a loving mom, a not-so-bad aspiring writer, an open-minded career woman, a good (I'm getting better with this one) daughter and a forever PATIENT wife. I want to stop dreaming of being all of these because you know what? I don't have to dream anymore. These aren't dreams...I am not plainly made of dreams. I am who I am  now because I made things happen. I cried and made other people cry along with me. I laughed out genuine laughter and my heart rejoiced with those who joined me in my happiness. 

I embraced REALITY and kissed every bittersweet moment of my life. I don't want to be (just) a dreamer. Good things are not worth imagining they are meant to happen and touch as much as many people's lives. I am overflowing with hope that the world holds a place for a better me. The time will come that every road I go through will lead me to meet my ultimate purpose in life.

I let a lot of opportunities pass; objected to portray bigger responsibilities. I didn't want to move on I just wanted to watch my children grow. I later on realized that my children will need someone to look up to. Someday they won't need someone to follow them everywhere they go. Change is the only permanent thing. Even children change their ways no matter how precious they are to their parents. Someday when my children grow and try to find their place in this world...I want them to find me. When the time comes that they would need an idol, I want to be a qualified candidate. 

Dreams do come true. We just have to believe in them...and in ourselves that we can can reach for our dreams and make them happen!

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