Monday, July 29, 2013

Starting a Food Blog

I started my blog  Cristine's Favorite in January 2011. If you would give a clear look at it, it’s a personal blog that serves as a home for my cluttered mind. You see, in “Cristine’s”, I write just about anything. Many of my friends and colleagues have been convincing me to make a food blog since I’ve been in the food business for several years now.

I used to shove off the idea believing that it doesn’t matter whether a blog has a specific niche or not.  However, when I was trying out a new look for “Cristine” I found a link to a really old blog. I used to write my poems there, I intended to turn it to a poetry blog or something.  Then I thought of why not turning it into a food blog? I found myself naming it, “Food Lover’s Café.” There, I take the first step in having a food blog. Now, the challenge is maintaining it. aja!

So please follow me at the Food Lover’s Café thru

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